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Beauty and symmetry of home environment shows the beauty and symmetry in spirit of its residents. In addition to the intrinsic beauty and keeping alive the ancient art, traditional pendants create emotional and spiritual link with the viewer. This, links the artists of these hand crafts with their viewer. Before long, these pendants have had emotional and spiritual value which are made by artists. These pendants are fresh and colorful, the designs of carpets and rugs, traditional designs, all kinds of beads and beads made of wood, straw, wool, cloth, wood, etc. Pendants can decorate the homes and make the viewer feel better.

We have tried to make the modem pendants with keeping the material and traditional designs. This requires compliance with key points and using new technologies by artists and intellectuals, in this set. Using the traditional decorating helps to keep alive the history and identity of us.

Dorontash handicrafts has started its activities, with about 10 Artist and Craftsmen since 1989. Now with about 500 artist has a great share in production and export of hand crafts.




Raw materials of the pendants consist of cloth, wood, decorative stones and Kilim small pieces.
For the oriental people the designs of these pendants have a spiritual and artistic value besides only beauty.
These pendants are produced and assembled in the hand of various artists in Dorontash handicrafts atelier.


تک وب دیزاین-قالب فارسی جوملا